DTV Reception Map – Canada

Perhaps the worst reception map I have found so far, Canada’s reception map does not consider specific location or topography. Pick your province, then pick your closest town and it will take a guess at what might be available. If I were a Canadian citizen, I would ask them to copy the US version of the reception map using Google Earth topography, just like the US is trying to copy Canadian health care.

Check out the map here.

An alternative that I’ve seen suggested is using TV Fool to enter your address and check for reception. I think Canadian TV viewers might have better luck that way.

Etv moves ahead with digital television

In what the free-to-air broadcaster sees as a big step forward in migrating to digital terrestrial television (DTT), etv has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Sentech to carry the signal. Etv has half of a digital multiplex in terms of the ...